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Attorney Don “DJ” Ross is an experienced trial probate and estate planning attorney. He is dedicated to helping families create or update an estate plan. He also defends and protects client’s rights throughout the probate process.

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Probate And Estate Planning

Probate And Estate Planning

If you are creating or updating an estate plan, or you face a probate challenge, attorney Ross can help you.

Wills And Trusts

Wills And Trusts

Learn the benefits of having a will and trust and how they are designed to protect your children and future.

Probate And Estate Planning FAQ

Estate Planning FAQ

Get answers to some of the most common estate, will, trust and probate questions clients ask.

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Discussing your death and what will happen to your property after it can be uncomfortable, and it is a conversation that many people may avoid. At Hi-Desert Law, founding attorney Don “DJ” Ross and his dedicated team understand the fears, stresses and frustrations that many clients may experience. Each client is treated like family.

Attorney Ross takes a caring and integrated approach to all his cases. He communicates openly and honestly and strives to make himself accessible to address client concerns. You won’t be bombarded with legal jargon. Also, he wants to educate and empower clients about the benefits of estate planning and how to protect clients hard earned assets and property.

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Attorney Ross has extensive experience in family and children’s services, including serving as a former peace officer and children’s victim/witness advocate with the district attorney’s office. There, he learned firsthand how important it is for parents to have an emergency plan that incorporates care for their children. Without the proper legal documents of guardianship in place, children under the age of 18 can be placed into foster care through Child Protection Services. Once CPS is involved, it can take significant time to get the children into the care of a loved one, such as an aunt or uncle or grandparent.

This background has shaped how attorney Ross represents clients with estate planning and probate proceedings. He offers all clients a free child protection program designed to outline the care for their children if they should pass. Doing this helps his clients protect their children and gives them peace of mind knowing their children will be cared for according to their wishes.

Whether you are establishing an estate plan for the first time or updating a current one, attorney Ross will discuss all viable options that meet your family’s needs. He will explain the various benefits of a will and trusts, how these resources are vital in an estate plan and how they are designed to protect your assets, property and loved ones. In the event that you are an estate administrator, guardian or conservator and you face a probate challenge, he will defend you, as he has extensive experience as a probate trial attorney.

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Don Ross is the BEST in the business. He cares, has tremendous knowledge in Estate Planning, is sincere and a true professional. I would highly recommend him to do your Estate planning.

– Jane P.

Beyond Expectations

The personalized service this group provides is over and beyond expectation. The moment you step in and start telling you realize you are in safe hands. The knowledge, guidance, openness, is very effective and convincing. My family has used Mr. Ross for many issues and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs an honest, open, trustful professional and a reasonable price.

– Mike L.

Highly recommend

Mr. Ross was at all times the consummate professional. This is always a subject difficult for most to breach even under the most simple conditions, yet DJ makes us all comfortable with the idea of the future, even with the difficult task at hand. I highly recommend DJ as a person highly qualified and knowledgeable for anyone’s estate planning needs.

– Nancy Z.

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Don "DJ" Ross

Don “DJ” Ross

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